About Us


The Bond Chemicals Co. Ltd (GZBC) is  a subsidiary of Bonding Technologies Australia (BTA) Pty Ltd. Located in the National Economic & Technological Development District in Guangzhou, China, it is a state-certified high-tech company specializing in providing  professional solutions, high quality products and comprehensive services for industrial adhesives, road paving and building construction materials. With a strong commitment to technology innovation and environmental-protection, GZBC has advanced laboratory and production equipment to meet the demands of  R&D, production, technical support and services. The company's business activities are throughout China and the Asia Pacific region, including Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, exploring business opportunities globally.
Our mission is to meet the customers’ needs and market demand, share the values of cutting-edge technologies, products and solutions and together create a better future.


-   Industrial adhesive: to HMPSA, provide a variety of purposes including adhesive products, adhesive label adhesive, industry, medical and health products, metal and non-woven materials with glue, glue and courier industry high speed coating machine used in packaging.

-   Cold-mix high performance epoxy asphalt materials for road and bridge deck surfacing. The product has the characteristics such as wear resistance, weather resistance, acid and alkali resistance, anti rutting, anti slip etc, and can be used in large steel deck, high grade highway as well as conventional color road pavement, spike glue etc..

- Supplying epoxy adhesive product series for a variety of architectural engineering purposes, including materials for bonding and reinforcement eg steel plate and fibre attachment to building structure, waterproof and anti-corrosion coating, in-plant steel bar reinforcement etc..

-   UV curing adhesive products: UV curing, pressure-sensitive adhesives for various industrial applications, UV coatings and adhesives.

-   Functional rubber masterbatch and water borne tackifier resin products: including a range of high performance cost functional masterbatch materials, special product technology development services for large scale rubber enterprises.



Dr Ye is the founder and general manager of The Bond Chemicals Co., Ltd. He has been working on the research, development and commercialize of innovative technologies and environmental-friendly products including adhesives, road-paving  & building construction materials for over 30 years.  As a highly regarded professional and expert in this field  he has received a number of awards,  prices, government grants and patents for his outstanding works.

Dr Yong Ye obtained Ph.D. from Monash University Australia, B.Sc at Zhongshan University. He is a Member of The Institution of Royal Engineers (InstRE) and was a Research Scientist, Chinese Science Academy. He also worked as a General Manager, Pacific Region of H.B Fuller Company, one of the global top 500 enterprises.