Product research and development are the cornerstones of The Bond Chemicals business. With the advanced technical facilities, professional team,  strong commitment and proven R&D capabilities, we have been granted a number of government project funds. We are dedicated in providing the best products and solutions to meet our customers' needs.

- In addition to the company's R&D activities, we also formed joint-ventures with other companies and research institution eg South China University of Technologies. All our R&D projects are managed in accordance with a set of standards.

- National R&D project management guidelines including project plan and financial / fund control etc.

- National Project management scheme in monitoring and control of the project, involving regular review of the progress and fund usages.

- Government Award Scheme for commercialization of R&D results into products and achieving sales.

- Producing patents, submitting research papers to the national scientific and technological achievements database.

- All projects will be concluded via formal procedures conducted by the government at the completion of the project.

The company operates under a complete management system:

- R & D project incentive scheme

- R & D investment accounting system

- Enterprise R & D reserve system

- Talent performance evaluation reward system.