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The Bond Chemical’s quality management system is based on the ISO 9000 family of standards, which is designed to help organizations ensure that they meet the needs of customers and other stakeholders while meeting statutory and regulatory requirements related to a product or program. ISO 9000 deals with the fundamentals of quality management systems, including the seven quality management principles upon which the family of standards is based. ISO 9001 deals with the requirements that organizations wishing to meet to fulfill the quality standard. Following is the outline of the ISO 9001:2015 requirements.

ISO 9001:2015 Quality management systems — Requirements

o Section 4: Context of the Organization

o Section 5: Leadership

o Section 6: Planning

o Section 7: Support

o Section 8: Operation

o Section 9: Performance evaluation

o Section 10: Improvement

The Bond Chemicals Co.Ltd ( “The Company” ) has addressed the quality issues since its establishment and  following a number of quality management procedures in all aspects of its operation. The Company passed the auditing process of ISO 9001 - 2015 Quality Management System and obtained Certification in 1 Aug 2016.

The Company’s Quality Management System is based on four levels of documentation containing the procedures required for its effective operation. The Company also issued and communicated a documented quality policy, a Quality Manual and numerous records, as specified throughout the standard. Risks and opportunities (section 6.1) and to determine internal and external issues relevant to its purpose and strategic direction (section 4.1) are also addressed.

The ISO 9001 Quality Management Manual is a comprehensive documentation template with detailed customization instructions for the entire required ISO 9001:2015 documentation. It includes and fully integrates the quality manual, all ISO 9001 procedures, the quality policy, scope and process flow. It is based on our no-nonsense approach to set up a business-friendly ISO 9001 quality management system at small businesses and midsize companies.

Most importantly, the ISO 9001 Quality Management Manual includes detailed customization instructions that allow you to easily customize the documentation template and adapt it to your company's individual circumstances. This approach ensures that your ISO 9001 documentation will be completely personalized and fit your individual company.

The details of the quality management system are structured in four levels of documents. The contents are summarized as follows:

1st Level:

1. Manual - Iso9001 Manual

2. Process Identification List

3. Risk Analysis

4. Risk And Opportunity Assessment & Analysis Table

5. Objectives And Management Programs

6. Relevant Parties To Identify And Review

2nd Level

1. Documentation Control Procedure

2. Records Control Procedure

3. Management Review Control Procedures

4. Human Resources Control Procedure

5. Infrastructure Control Procedure

6. Customer-Related Processes Control Procedure

7. Purchase Control Procedure

8. Production Process Control Procedure

9. Material And Product Release Control Procedure

10. Product Identification And Protection Control Procedures

11. Risk And Opportunity Response Control Procedures .doc

12. Change Control Procedure .doc

13. Procedure For Monitoring And Measuring Control Devices.doc

14. Internal Audit Control Procedures

15. Nonconforming Product Control Procedures

16. Product Monitoring And Measurement Control Procedure .doc

17. Correct The Precautionary Control Procedure

18. Design And Development Of Control Procedures

3rd Level

1. WI-GM-01 Job Description .doc

2. WI-GM-02 Personnel Management System

3. WI-GM-03 Warehousing Operation Process

4. WI-GM-04 Workshop Management System

5. WI-OP-01 Production Practices

6. WI-OP-02 Reactor Operation Specification

7. WI-OP-03 Process Specification .doc

8. WI-QC-01 Incoming Inspection Standard

4th Level

1. Personnel

a. QR-05-01A Annual Training Schedule .doc

b. QR-05-02A Training Sign In Table 1.doc

c. QR-05-02A Training Sign In Table 2.doc

d. QR-05-02A Training Check In Table 3.doc

e. QR-05-02A Training Sign In Table 4.doc

f. QR-05-02A Training Sign In Table 5.doc

g. QR-05-02A Training Sign In Table 6.doc

h. QR-05-02A Training Sign In Table 7.doc

2. Quality

a. QR-08-01A Unqualified Report .doc

b. QR-09--02A Corrective Action Registration Form .doc

c. QR-09-01A Corrective Action Report .doc

d. QR-13-03 First Inspection Inspection Records

e. QR-13-04 Finished Product Inspection Report .doc

f. QR-13-05 Shipping Inspection Report

g. QR-13-08 Sampling Inspection Program

h. QR-13-10 Quality Information Feedback Sheet .xls

i. QR-16-04 Annual Calibration Schedule .doc

j. QR-16-05 Measuring Instrument Inside School Record Table. Doc

3. Document Control

a. QR-01-01 File Distribution Record Table .xls

b. QR-01-02A Document Requisition .doc

c. QR-01-03A File Overview Table .xls

d. QR-01-04A Foreign File Record .xls

e. QR-01-05A Document Borrowing Registration Form .doc

f. QR-01-06A Document Destruction Application Form .doc

g. QR-02-01A Quality Record List .xls

h. QR-04-01A Quality Goal Achievement Rate Table 13.xls

i. QR-05-04A Resource Allocation Application Form.doc

4. Production

a. QR-05-06A Equipment Total Account .doc

b. QR-05-07A Equipment Maintenance Record .doc

c. QR-05-08 Maintenance Notices .doc

d. QR-06-05 Production Planning Schedule .doc

e. QR-06-06 Production Order Order .doc

f. QR-06-07 Production Daily Report .doc

g. QR-06-08 Special Process Monitoring Record Table (Reaction) .doc

h. QR-06-09 Special Procedure Confirmation Table (Reaction) .doc

5. Purchase

a. QR-06-01A Supplier Evaluation Form .doc

b. QR-06-02A Qualified Supplier Directory .doc

c. QR-06-03 Supplier Annual Review Report .doc

d. QR-06-04 Purchase Order .xls

e. QR-06-05 Purchase Order .doc

6. Sales

a. QR-14-01 Customer Complaints Control List .doc

b. QR-14-02 Customer Satisfaction Survey Chinese Version .doc

c. QR-14-03 Statistical Analysis Of Customer Satisfaction

d. QR-14-04 Customer List .doc

e. QR-14-05 Order Review Form .doc

f. QR-15-01A Customer or Supplier Property Registration Form .xls