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Ten years of trials and hardships, zhanchang chemical has been the development of innovative high-tech enterprises, a multi-functional, facing the new challenge, the pursuit of excellence will continue to embrace zhanchang chemical ideals and beliefs, actively promote technological innovation, to promote the concept of green chemical industry, environmental protection and new materials technology research and development, to the international first-class enterprise technology innovation constantly.

Can be summed up as the development strategy of chemical bond

1. marketing strategy: including the branding of enterprise products and the cooperation of other enterprises in other industries.

2., technology development strategy: give full play to the advantages of enterprise high-tech, continuous innovation, improve the quality of enterprise staff and product quality, toward a more specialized direction.

2., talent development strategy: human is the soul and foundation of enterprise, talent training is the only way for enterprise sustainable development, and the establishment and improvement of incentive and reward system is the guarantee of talent strategy.