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"Sound China" relay activities open! With this call, the Guangzhou municipal government led the elite of innovation and entrepreneurship, in Guangzhou Trade Fair Exhibition Center, took the first stick. Although still early summer, but in the ensuing launch of the "China Innovation and entrepreneurship fair", exhibitors have been "hot" in the world, competing to display their respective challenges and create outstanding style. In a meeting of an ordinary booth, the general manager of Guangzhou Zhengbang Chemical Co. Ltd. Dr. Ye Yongqian, has been busy to answer a lot of visitors to ask questions, a copy of the contract and technical cooperation buy zhanchang chemical environment-friendly new materials of epoxy asphalt samples of intention, is showing its shape.

According to Dr. Ye introduction, zhanchang chemical is an innovative technology of foreign enterprises, R & D, production, sales and service in one, to provide users with a variety of high-tech, high environmental protection, high practical value of the industrial, transportation, building materials products with new technology.

This exhibition is a new environmental protection type coal tar epoxy resin technology of new materials, products are widely used in construction, aviation, energy and other infrastructure, such as road bridge and runway, laying pipelines and sewage tank coating, building structure bond and anchorage and repair and other fields, to replace the high toxicity and high pollution epoxy coal tar or coal tar epoxy resin modified products, with the renewal of forward-looking technology and broad application prospect.

Zhengbang "epoxy asphalt" and the traditional "coal tar epoxy" is different? With the audience's questions, Dr. Ye brief introduction: epoxy coal asphalt or tar epoxy resin is a kind of toxic pollutants, in use process, will release a lot of toxic substances, harm to the human body, the pollution of the environment, therefore, such products in the world has been disabled. But because of the low price, these highly polluting products are still widely used in our country for waterproof and anti-corrosion coatings, such as steel pipe corrosion protection, cold tie tape and so on. Go to the design concept of poison decontamination, safety and environmental protection, based on the properties of high strength, build the asphalt chemical bond products cold epoxy resin, using active modifier and nano molecular modification technology, changing petroleum asphalt and epoxy resin compatibility, the product is environmentally friendly solvent, waterproof anti-corrosion and high strength characteristics at present, the chemical bond has been authorized with advanced international and major era value of technology patents, the development potential is limitless, the market competitive advantage especially in the following aspects:

And the road pavement repair and replace: hot mix epoxy asphalt high pollution in cold mix, thin and high strength material.

Waterproof sealing coating and anticorrosion: coal tar epoxy direct replacement with environmental protection high performance material, can be used as raw materials in the industry to create a variety of environmentally friendly products.

- built structure Bond: instead of tar modified epoxy resin, used the modified epoxy mortar reinforced high performance epoxy adhesive, glue stick steel and repair.

A rendezvous docking platform link zhanchang chemical project:

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