Coloured Anti-slip Road Surfacing in China
Date:2017-01-06 15:46:49     Read:12265
The use of thin non-slip color pavement has been successful in major cities in the domestic laying of cases. Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Management Bureau Traffic Facilities Management Office since October 2003, August 2004, October 2004 have been in the Second Ring Road Bridge East and outer ring, Suzhou Bridge South Inner Ring, Jingtai Bridge East corner of the outer ring set four non-slip color of the road, but also in September 2006 in the Second Ring Road, Yu Yu Qiaodong inner ring and the Third Ring Road Wan Liuqiao West inner corner of the laying of non-slip color road. According to statistics, the Second Ring Road Bridge East corner in July 2002 to July 2003, 12 traffic accidents occurred, including a major accident 1, dead 1, injured 2, 12 other incidents, Injury 11 people. After the pavement of non-slip color pavement, from July 2003 to July 2004 a year period, the road does not occur with a major fatal accident, 10 other accidents occurred, injuring 11 people. Compared with the previous year, the total accident volume decreased by 17%, major accidents decreased by 100%, the number of deaths decreased by 100% and the number of injured persons decreased by 15.4%. Thus, the color of the road for the prevention and reduction of traffic accidents played a significant role in reducing the major traffic accidents have achieved very good results.
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