Cold-patching Dongsha Bridge - Another Success
Date:2017-01-06 15:46:49     Read:11493

Some time ago, Guangzhou, autumn and winter season, big storm, rain frequency, so that many Luqiao damaged emergency, closed repair. Also appeared damaged joint in Guangzhou Dongsha bridge a retractable bridge traffic was blocked, but surprisingly, small sections have to repair elsewhere on days or even longer, but the repair engineering Dongsha bridge is completed in a few hours, and repair at the formation of solid, no traces of common depression highlighted road patch so, what makes the quality of the bridge repair has become so? For bridge maintenance engineers said, thanks to the BTA Materials "epoxy asphalt cold patching material", which is currently used by their high performance, environmental protection, high price to win the best pavement repair material.

Guangzhou Dongsha bridge is located in the south of Guangzhou, in 2008 after the completion of the opening, traffic, large carrying capacity, gradually began to appear different degree of damage, enter the bridge maintenance stage, two years ago, the Dongsha bridge deck due to typhoons, severe local damage, but coincides with the May before Xi, to follow the conventional way with traditional asphalt heating need repair, closed to traffic for several days, not only time-consuming work, causing traffic block problems greatly, but also pollute the environment. The bridge maintenance management personnel through full market investigation, resolutely decided to adopt the new material of chemical bond of epoxy asphalt for emergency repair, and achieved very good results.

The epoxy asphalt cold patching material is a new type of pavement construction and repair materials, the bond chemical research and development and has obtained patent authorization, this kind of cold patching material production and storage at room temperature, when used without heating, direct mixing in the construction site and the curing agent, paving and pressing, the original deck can be closely bonded. The formation of high strength, high toughness, high and low temperature resistance of the pavement, a short time after the maintenance, will be opened. Therefore, the use of such cold feeding material can greatly improve the construction speed and reduce the cost of the project; the most important thing is that the entire construction process does not emit any chemical gas, both environmentally friendly and safe. According to the engineering management personnel: previous similar projects have used the traditional hot mixing asphalt mixture, not only before the treatment of trouble, to repair heating materials, and after a long time to take care of the road traffic, the repair process is time-consuming, high cost, asphalt heating emit large quantities of chemical gas, not only detrimental to health, but also the pollution of the environment.

Now, other parts of the bridge broken bridge Xun, project managers do not hesitate to again use epoxy asphalt cold patching material of chemical bond, they also said: in the past two years in the position of other repair also started to use the epoxy asphalt cold patching material. After the repair is still intact, so strong as new. If the traditional hot asphalt patch repair, and the original road without bond function, often less than half a year and damaged, shovel to re shop. This type of cold mix asphalt, but through permanent primer with the originalsurface bond, to ensure long-term use, greatly save the cost of the project, because of this, the pavement cold patching material has again become the designated Dongsha Bridge Deck Maintenance products.

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