"Black" Technology in Suzhou - Solar Highway
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Black Technology in Tongli Town, Suzhou

Electronic Highway

I still remember when I was a teacher, we asked us to write a text: "The city of the future." We all imagine what the future city will become. Is there a lot of driverless cars and robots passing by us, and the sky is still there? There are many aircraft...? But this is only a childhood imagination, and now a lot of high technology has surpassed this imagination. The “Belt and Road” Energy Ministers Meeting held in Suzhou last month and the 3rd International Energy Transformation Forum made Suzhou a “future city again”. "The leader, and the black technology in the town of Tongli, Suzhou - electronic highway, is even more eye-catching.

In the new energy town of Tongli, Suzhou, there is a magical road. The magic is that the vehicle is not only unmanned, but also can be charged while driving, without affecting the state of the vehicle.

This is the first application in the world to integrate photovoltaic road, wireless charging and unmanned driving. In addition to the above functions, there is a resistor device under the electronic road. When it is snowing, the road surface can be heated and melted by ice. So it is called "a smart highway without power outages."

With a total length of about 500 meters and a width of 3.5 meters, the road is the world's first longest electronic highway.

The middle area of the road is a wireless charging coil buried area. On both sides of the road is a photovoltaic power generation area. When the electric vehicle is driving, a magnetic field is generated through the road surface coil, and the bottom coil induces a current, realizing dynamic wireless charging, and creating instant energy production. And a new model of consumption.

This magical smart road can be successfully put into operation and has a close relationship with Zhengbang New Materials Co., Ltd., because this high-tech highway has very high requirements on the performance of paving materials, and Zhengbang’s invention patent--modified epoxy asphalt new The material, with its high performance and high strength, is the most suitable material for laying this pavement.

As shown in the above figure, the black part is a photovoltaic panel, which is a new epoxy asphalt series that is made of Zhengbang new material. The construction is carried out in a two-step molding process. The primer is applied to the bottom to make a bonding layer, and then the surface layer is laid. After curing, a light-transparent, high-strength material with a certain degree of ductility, superior weather resistance and acid and alkali resistance is formed. Especially suitable for the laying of outdoor roads.

In the middle area of the road above, another material is used in Zhengbang New Material: colored asphalt mixture, under the color sealing layer, buried in the wireless charging coil, the sealing material is solidified and has high strength, toughness, waterproof and anti-corrosion. Required characteristics.

The epoxy asphalt glue series produced by Zhengbang New Materials Co., Ltd. has obtained a number of invention patents and new patents. The rationality of the process, the stability of product quality, environmental protection and decorative effects have reached a mature level. It has been successfully applied on this high-end new electronic highway. Practice has proved that the epoxy asphalt glue of Zhengbang new material has excellent laying effect whether it is used for conventional road bridge deck or various roads with special requirements, and its cost and quality are better than similar materials at home and abroad. Its room temperature mixing construction, easy operation, long-term storage, versatility, environmental protection and other characteristics have been promoted and applied in municipal roads, highways, bridge plazas, parking lots, sidewalks, etc. in major cities.

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